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The 3rd International E-Symposium on Communication in Health Care

"Advancing Frontiers of Health Communication Research, Education and Practice during the Pandemic"

Contemporary issues in handling an epidemic outbreak


Peter J. Schulz


Among the different challenges people had to face during Covid-19, the high level of uncertainty regarding the further development of the pandemic has played a prominent role. Many different factors contributed to this uncertainty, such as the contrasting and contradicting information people were exposed to on the media or the debate among politicians and scientists about which measure may have been most helpful to overcome the crisis, not to mention the uncertainty whether somebody got infected despite taking all protection measures. This lecture will address several of the factors that contributed to the changing levels of uncertainty, and it will also discuss some of the major methodological issues related to the fact that people had to live with the disease without any insight when it would end.

Bio note:

Peter J. Schulz is Director of the Institute of Communication and Health at the University of Lugano, Switzerland and Professor of Communication Theories and Health Communication. In his work he has sought to bring together thinking from the humanities, social sciences, and information technology to investigate important issues in health communications.

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