The 3rd International E-Symposium on Communication in Health Care

“Advancing Frontiers of Health Communication Research, Education and Practice during the Pandemic”

Hong Kong Time Indicated Below 
Keynotes: 30 mins + 15 mins virtual coffee chat (click the title to view abstract)

Sessions: 15 mins per talk + 15 mins overall Q&A (click "Session X" to view abstracts)

Day 1 Programme



Keynote 1

(Moderator: Olga Zayts-Spence)


Elizabeth Rider

Harvard Medical School/ Boston Children's Hospital

Session 1: From Effective Healthcare Communication to Improved Healthcare Outcomes for Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19

(Moderator: Ni-Eng Lim) 


Mental health in the workplace: COVID-19 and vulnerable groups

Zoë Fortune

City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong/ The University of Hong Kong

(with Olga Zayts-Spence & Vincent Wai Sum Tse)

The resilience of social service providers and families of children with autism or development delays during the COVID-19 pandemic

Paul Wong

The University of Hong Kong

The pervasive relevance of COVID-19 in paediatric palliative care appointments during the pandemic

Kaite Ekberg

Queensland University of Technology

(with Lara Weinglass, Stuart Ekberg, Susan Danby & Anthony Herbert)

Virtual Coffee Chat (with Elizabeth Rider)


Session 2: Researching Social Interactions in Clinical Contexts

(Moderator: Olga Zayts-Spence) 


Adapting and applying linguistics to make hospitals safer: A translational research approach

Diana Slade

The Australian National University

Communicating about illness progression and end of life

Stuart Ekberg

Queensland University of Technology

(with Ruth Parry, Victoria Land, Katie Ekberg, Marco Pino & Charles Antaki)

Dealing with patient reluctance in difficult decision-making process

Michie Kawashima

Kyoto Sangyo University

Lunch Break


Session 3: Conversation Analysis and Healthcare Communication

in Asia  (Moderator: Ni-Eng Lim) 


History-taking questions during triage in emergency medicine

Sheung-Hee Lee

Yonsei University

(with Chan Woong Kim)

Recommending no further treatment: Gatekeeping work of generalists at a Japanese
university hospital

Shuya Kushida

Osaka Kyoiku University,

(with Michie Kawashima & Tetsuya Abe)

Mild cataract patients’ reactions to doctors’ ‘no surgery’ recommendations

K K Luke

Nanyang Technological University

(with Augustinus Laude, Yvonne Tse-Crepaldi & Ni-Eng Lim)

Session 4: Communicating Uncertainty in Healthcare Settings  (Moderator: Stuart Ekberg) 


Evidence and hedges: Uncertainty in diagnostic statements

Mary Dahm

The Australian National University

(with Carmel Crock)

Managing parental uncertainty on a paediatric palliative care telephone support line

Holly Sansone

Queensland University of Technology

Session 4 (Cont'd)

“What’s going on with my ears? ”: Some
reflections on managing uncertainty in the
audiology consultation

Jennifer Watermeyer

The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Virtual Coffee Chat


Keynote 2

(Moderator: KK Luke)

1530-1600 CANCELLED

Peter Schulz

The University of Lugano

Session 5: Technology and Healthcare Communication (Moderator: Olga Zayts-Spence) 


The translation and sociocultural adaptation of web-based tools to enhance person-centred communication for people living with dementia

Tony Young

Newcastle University

Physical therapy online: Supporting infants with cerebral palsy and their parents during Covid-19

Phill Harniess & Jeff Bezemer

University College London

Session 5 (Cont'd)

Assessing machine translation in use: Trustworthiness and safety of Google Translate
translations in obtaining surgical consent

Susy Macqueen

The Australian National University

(with with Christine Phillips, Tina Campbell, Zhengdao Ye, Johanna Rendle-Short & Katrina Anderson)

Virtual Coffee Chat

(with Peter Schulz) 

1700-1715 CANCELLED

Linguistics explorations of voice-hearing: contributions and surprising insights

Zsófia Demjén

University College London

Dementia in the news: Quantitative and qualitative perspectives

Gavin Brookes

Lancaster University

“I’m losing my sanity!”: The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health of ‘working mothers’

Olga Zayts-Spence

The University of Hong Kong

(with Zoë Fortune, Vincent Wai Sum Tse, Mariana Lazzaro-Salazar & Sylvia Jaworska)

Session 6: Discourses of Mental Health and Illnesses 

(Moderator: Zoë Fortune) 


Keynote 3

(Moderator: Zsófia Demjén)


Elena Semino

Lancaster University

Day 1 Brief Wrap-up