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The 3rd International E-Symposium on Communication in Health Care

“Advancing Frontiers of Health Communication Research, Education and Practice during the Pandemic”

Hong Kong Time Indicated Below 
Keynotes: 30 mins + 15 mins virtual coffee chat (click the title to view abstract)

Sessions: 15 mins per talk + 15 mins overall Q&A (click "Session X" to view abstracts)

Day 2 Programme

Keynote 4

(Moderator: Brian King)



Mariana Lazzaro-Salazar

Universidad Católica del Maule

Session 7: Healthcare Communication in the Chinese Context

(Moderator: KK Luke) 


Jack Pun.jpg

An exploratory study of meaning negotiation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultation—a case study of Hong Kong

Jack Pun

City University of Hong Kong

(with Winnie Chor, Linda Zhong & Olga Zayts- Spence)

Zhengpeng Luo.jpg

Researching online medical consultations in Mainland China

Zhengpeng Luo

Peking University

Ni-Eng Lim.jpg

What do Chinese patients think it means to be "old"?

Ni-Eng Lim

Nanyang Technological University

Virtual Coffee Chat (with Mariana Lazzaro-Salazar)


Short Break

Session 8: Communicating Sex Variation in Healthcare Settings and Beyond

(Moderator: Julia de Bres) 



Language and the geopolitics of sex variation

Brian King

The University of Hong Kong

Elaine Tsui.jpg

Disorders/ Differences of sex development: A preliminary nationwide study of parental experiences in China

Elaine Tsui

Hong Kong Baptist University

Morgan Carpenter.jpg

The human rights of children with intersex variations and their family members

Morgan Carpenter

Intersex Human Rights Australia/ The University of Sydney

Session 9: Health Professions Education 1 (Moderator: Susan Bridges) 


Susan Bridges.jpg

Dialogic approaches to clinical reasoning: Understanding the role of educational technologies in
health professions education

Susan Bridges

The University of Hong Kong

Colman McGrath.jpg

The effectiveness of 'social stories’ to improve the oral health of preschool children with learning disabilities

Colman McGrath

The University of Hong Kong

Session 9 (Cont'd)

Sofie Yung.png

Communication skills learning in obstetrics and gynaecology during the COVID-19 pandemic: Sharing of our experience

Sofie Yung

The University of Hong Kong

Lunch Break


Session 10: Health Professions Education 2

(Moderator: Susan Bridges)


Jennifer Cleland.jpg

Contact is not enough: A qualitative study of how space and place impact on interprofessional education

Jennifer Cleland

Nanyang Technological University

Daniel Baptista-Hon.jpg
Lap Ki Chan.jpg

Communication in a new competency-based integrated medical curriculum

Daniel T. Baptista-Hon & Lap Ki Chan

Macau University of Science and Technology

Taiying Lee.jpg

Embedding cultural awareness and responsiveness in health practitioners' education: An open discussion

Taiying Lee

The University of Hong Kong

Session 11: Issues in Genetic Counselling and Genetic Testing

(Moderator: Olga Zayts-Spence) 


Stephen Lam.jpg

Challenges in genetic counselling in uncertainties

Stephen Lam

Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital/ Clinical Genetic Services

Michael Arribas-Ayllon.jpg

Can genomics remove uncertainty from adoption? Social workers’ and medical advisors’ accounts of genetic testing

Michael Arribas-Ayllon

Cardiff University

Andy Hui.jpg

Elicitation of children’s understanding of information in genetic counseling for Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome

Andy LC Hui

The University of Hong Kong

Virtual Coffee Chat


Session 12: Viral Discourse 

(Moderator: Christoph Hafner) 


Sylvia Jaworska.jpg

How to communicate science effectively in a pandemic: A case study of a podcasting virologist Christian Drosten

Sylvia Jaworska

The University of Reading

Session 12 (Cont'd)

Rodney Jones.jpg

Tribal epistemologies, intercultural Contact, and COVID-19 related health behaviour

Rodney Jones

The University of Reading

Zhu Hua.JPG

Sense and sensibility: Urban public signs during a pandemic

Zhu Hua

The University of Birmingham

Keynote 5

(Moderator: Elena Semino)


May O Lwin.jpg

May O. Lwin

Nanyang Technological University



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